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One mildly OBSESSIVE goal:

Recreate and catalog every Star Trek symbol.


A love of Trek. And graphic design.


I've been in advertising and design for over 25 years...and have a passion for Star Trek. Combing the two creates a unique perspective for watching Star Trek: paying attention to background detail both enhances the show but also gives insight to the production of the show and movies. 

Whenever an insignia, emblem, seal or symbol appeared in an episode or movie, I searched for recreations that other people had done...and there is an incredible collection spread across the net. But there are also countless Trek logos floating around that have never appeared on screen as well as ones that have appeared on screen but not recreated accurately. That was the impetus for the ST Design Project.

I've searched Star Trek episodes and movies for symbols, insignias, seals and emblems and faithfully recreated them as a reference to anyone who loves to geek out on that type of thing.


Each mark is identified and screen grabs are captured. Then they are isolated, corrected for distortions and recreated as closely as possible while also balancing the look and feel to keep the spirit of the design. 


Symbols currently in the catalog


On Screen or it didn't happen

Only in-canon design

Between fan art, canon recreations and official extensions to the episodes and movies, there is an unimaginable amount of graphic design created around the Star Trek universe. That's why I made the decision to follow a simple rule when deciding whether to add a mark to the STDP collection: If it didn't appear on screen in a Star Trek episode or movie it isn't a true work of Star Trek design.

 Sometimes detail had to be filled in and creative choices are made. But I wanted it to be as literal an interpretation as necessary. But I see this as an ongoing work, happily open to constant update.



A shoutout

On the backs
of giants

Once I started digging into this project, I realized how much fans love their Trek design. And without the tireless dedication of people that have contributed to Memory Alpha, Star Trek Minutiae and countless others, But most of all, Mike inspiration a whole bunch of designers. The Star Trek Design Project would have been incredibly more difficult. And not nearly as much fun.



It takes a fanbase

I've spent months compiling the collection. But, I'm sure there is much more to be done. While I continue to scour episodes for more symbols, nothing is as powerful as Star Trek fans to get  to the goal cataloging every mark. So, if there is an error in something cataloged or something I missed, I want to know about it. Drop me a line and we'll get on it. Or, at the very least, I'd love to discuss it.

Also, I really want to add design credit to each symbol. If you know who designed any of the collection, please let me know.

A special thank you to:

Gary O’Neill for his invaluable research and input on many of the marks in the collection. His work can be found at

Jörg Hillebrand for incredibly deep knowledge of and research into Star Trek symbols. His articles can be found at Ex Astris Scientia.



The Disclaimer

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I simply want to embrace and extend the cataloging of Star Trek imagery for all to appreciate.